How google drive works sharing, uploading & storage works?

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Google Drive is a prominent storage as well as synchronisation device which is used by multitude of users all around the world. You can share any file as well as upload any file by using it. Although it is easy to share any file from the Google drive, yet many users are not able to know the right steps to do this.

If you are having any difficulty in sharing any file from the Google drive, then go through the steps below:

  • First open the Google Drive.
  • After that click on the file which you need to share.
  • Now click on the Share option.
  • Next type the email id or any group under the head People to share you file.
  • Now you can select as to what people can do with your file.
  • Finally click on the Send option to send your file.

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If you are struggling with uploading any file in your Google Drive, then take help from the following directives:

  • First visit
  • Now open the folder.
  • Next you can upload the files to the Google Drive folder by dragging them.

That’s it! You have learnt how to share and upload your files to Google drive. Now you can easily accomplish this task without any problem whatsoever. However not all are acquainted with the required process to do so.

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How to Google search an image on iPhone?

Google update its features regularly and search by image is one among those which allows the users to search with a particular image. While it comes to iOS apps to perform reverse image searches, then it is very effective. This app proffer varied options like browse image from Camera roll or paste URL directly from the keyboard.

If you want to Google search an image on your iPhone, then apply the below instructions:

  • First of all, you must need to download and install Reverse app from the App Store.
  • Now install the app and then open it.
  • Now choose the specific image which you want to reverse search for.
  • After that, click on the search icon to perform the the reverse search in your Google.

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Why is Google better than Bing and Yahoo ?

Google, Bing and Yahoo are all search engines however let’s see why one is better than the other.

Google better than Bing

  • Bing search engine cannot differ between whether the link is a real ne or not.

  • It gives to much preference to the page content.

  • Bing supports recent information or in other words recent links.

  • The sites which show on the top does not necessarily mean it will have the content which you are looking for.

Google better than Yahoo

  • Although Yahoo is better than Bing however not better than Google this is because it shows the result on these links on the top which necessarily do not have proper content to the information that you are looking for.

  • Yahoo shows on screen Pop –ups and at time because of which the user accidentally install the same.

Google is better of all!!!!

  • The information what the user is looking for is displayed in a simple way.

  • The result what you get is more relevant as they follow the proper algorithm ie the terms are used appropriately.

  • It also supports the old sites as it realizes how important they can be.

  • Through best information filters, the results which we get are most appropriate and avoid duplicity.

  • It provides speedy results.

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Hence on the basis of the above information we can say the Google is one the best search engine and is most widely used as well, while using the same as well , if one comes across any concern and get immediate help from Google support number and there is nothing more one wants from the search engine.

Why Google is the best source of information?

Google is the best choice of the customers who want to access any kind of information on the net since years. No one can deny the fact that in todays world it not possible for a person to live without accessing the internet, the reasons for accessing the information may vary but the fact that everyone needs some browser or the search engine is sure.

And when today almost all the companies are trying their best to provide the excellent services and products like the best search, then it is a big thing that people for years are relying on to the same search engine.

If we talk about the why we use google then we have to consider the facts written below:

  • We can say that it is the simplicity and the ease of use of this search engine that people find it to be so comfortable to use.

  • Here you need not to be an expert in the net surfing instead you just need to type the word regarding which you wants to seek the information, and google will show you the best possible result

  • This search engine is a consistant and the reliable one since we can see that its design and the format have hardly changed with the passing years

  • People gets the most relevant results regarding their search when they use google.Now even to search a word you rather call it to google it, this shows the influence that this company has on the customers.

So by looking at the facts shown above no we can provide a reason for Why Google is first choice of customer? Today the customers are more concern about the services that they are been subjected to, now they know the difference between the normal service and the excellent customer experience and hence they consider the google as their top choice when it comes to opting for a search engine.

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How to use Google cloud storage for backup?

Cloud is an amazing application for sharing , saving and backing up the data. User can have an account with the cloud and then he can access the data remotely from his computer. Google cloud storage is also an application where user can store and share all kind of data.

Here it is shown, how user can use Google cloud storage to back up his data.

  • Login to your Google account.
  • Click on the link , Google apis.
  • A list of all the Google services will appeared.
  • Scroll down and search for Google Cloud Storage.
  • If the application is OFF then make it ON.
  • Check the price by click on the field, Pricing.
  • User can see various options with respect to how may TB of data user will be needed to back up.
  • Also, Google has provided a 30 day trial period to know the features and functions of Google Cloud Storage.
  • When user will make the cloud storage ON, the new page will open.
  • Click on the link, Google Cloud Storage Manager under the heading Browse Data. This is Google API’s Console page.
  • On the page appeared, user can see few names , called as Buckets. Buckets are similar to top level Folders.
  • User can create a new Bucket and name it anything. The Google will check the availability for that.
  • On clicking that, user will find an empty space. Here user can create another sub folders, can drag and drop files which he needs to back up and lot many other things.
  • When user see the file there, he can check different links and set the sharing policies according to his convenience.
  • Go back to the console page.
  • Scroll down in the left side to Inter operable Access and click on it.
  • User can set access keys here so that data remain more safe and secure. This key is used to send authentication to Google before requesting for cloud storage.

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This way, user can get all his files and folders backed up at Google. User can ask for any kind of technical help at Google support as it is 24/7 available to the user. You will find some interesting facts about Googe from this blog, stay in touch and keep reading the articles!

How to Use Google Slides ?

Google Slides is a great tool for the individuals who need to create dynamic slide presentations. Google Slides is a cloud-based online presentation tool with hundreds of attractive options that include narration, videos, animation, images, and much more. Individuals are always encouraged to take help of Google support to know how to use Google Slides.

Creating a presentation

For creating a new presentation, the user needs to open the home screen: Link. Here he could find “Start a new presentation” option to open a new file and start working. In this interface, one could see a complete toolbar and the main view of the presentation. From here, the user can create, or edit a presentation file. He can also choose a theme, and share the presentation with anyone. Google Slides is the most flexible presentation tool for all types of presentation.

Editing and formatting a presentation

From the file option, the user needs to open the file which he or she wants to edit or format. After uploading the presentation file, the user will be able to add animation to any slide, delete or organize the slides, insert texts, insert new lines or shapes. There are many other features available for editing and formatting a file.

Choosing a theme

The theme is an important part of any presentation. The user will find scores of themes in Google Slides. Just when a user will create a new presentation, Google Slides will automatically prompt to add a theme from the list of themes available on the right side of the window.

Playing a presentation

A separate presentation button is present on Google Slides. When a presentation is complete and saved, the user can run the entire presentation with the help of this option.

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How to Make a Google Account?

Google account is an easy way to access the features of Google, for that you have to create your Google account. Process is really simple for the same.

Steps for creating Google account:

1. Open Google mail webpage on your browser, i.e.Link.

2. Click on “Create an account”.

3. Fill up the fields like:

  • Your first name & last name.
  • Choose your username, it is your unique ID to the Google.
  • Create a secure password and confirm it by writing it again.
  • Select your Date of birth (Month-Day-Year).
  • Select your Gender.
  • Write down your phone number with correct extension, i.e. in which country you are in, select its country code.
  • You can put your current ID in “Your current email address” field.
  • Select location, although it will come automatically, in which country you are living.

4. Now press on “Next Step”.

5. There will a Pop up “Privacy Policy”. Click on “I Agree”, if you want to create your Google account.

6. Now click on next page and then “Get started”.

Here we go, you have now Google account.


If you finding and trouble while creating it then contact to Google support team or if you have any issue while accessing your Google account or Gmail account then contact Gmail support phone number.

How Google drive app works on MAC, Android and Chrome?

How Google drive app works on MAC?

When you ­ Google Drive for Mac/PC, an uncommon envelope called Google Drive is made on your neighborhood PC. This organizer adjusts bidirectional with Google Drive on the web. When you move documents to the Google Drive envelope on your PC, those records are then likewise accessible in your online Drive. In the event that you roll out an­y improvements to these documents, those progressions ponder in Google Drive the web, and furthermore over whatever other PCs or cell phones you are utilizing with your Google Drive account. You can get assistance from Google support phone number if necessary.

How Google drive app works on Android?

Just Android clients can as of now get to Drive utilizing a local versatile application, yet it is striving to get an iOS form wrapped up. In case you are a committed Google client who leans towards a BlackBerry or Windows Phone, nevertheless, it is uncertain whether any Drive applications will be traveled your direction. Until further notice, non-Android clients can try the portable site out, yet the experience is not on a par with the Android Drive application. Opening a picture on my Android telephone, for instance, was a genuine task utilizing the portable Drive site, however was natural and simple utilizing the cell phone application.

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How Google drive app works on Chrome?

  • Interface with the Internet. You should turn on disconnected access to the documents you need to take a shot.

  • Open Google Chrome. Disconnected access to Google Drive records is just accessible by means of the Google Chrome program. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have this program, download the most recent form here: Chrome for Desktop.

  • Go to in your program.

  • Sign in with your Gmail account.

  • Look down to the “Disconnected” segment of the Settings window.

  • Select “Synchronize Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings…”.

  • Snap Done.

  • Hold up a couple of minutes. It might take a few minutes for your Google Drive’s disconnected get to setting to turn on.

  • Separate from the Internet.

  • Open Google Chrome.

  • Go to in your program. You ought to see the greater part of your drive records. They are presently prepared for you to see and alter.

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What to do when Google maps api key not working on android?

To utilize the Google Maps Android API, you should enlist your application extend on the Google API Console and get a Google API key which you can add to your application. Note: There are different sorts of confinements for API keys. You require an API key with limitation for Android applications (not a program confined key), then take Google Support for further assistance.

  1. Get an API key from the Google API Console

For Google Maps APIs Premium Plan clients: When you see the venture drop-down menu, you should choose the venture made for you when you obtained the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan. The venture name begins with Google Maps APIs for Business or Google Maps for Work or Google Maps. In the event that you might want to buy a Premium Plan permit, please contact deals. For testing purposes, you can make a non specific, unlimited API key that takes a shot at any stage. To secure your key before moving to creation, you should confine the key.

  1. Take after the means underneath to incorporate the API enter in your application’s show, contained in the document AndroidManifest.xml.
  • Go to the Google API Console.
  • Make or select a venture.
  • Click Continue to empower the Google Maps Android API.
  • On the Credentials page, get an API key.

Note: If you have a current API key with Android limitations, you may utilize that key.

From the discourse showing the API key, select Restrict key to set an Android confinement on the API key.

In the Restrictions area, select Android applications, then enter your application’s SHA-1 unique mark and bundle name. For instance:


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How to Use Google and It’s Products?

Google is one of the most famous company in the whole world, which was founded in the year 1998 by the “Larry Page” and “Sergey Brin”. This Google company is hugely popular for the best products & services, that they give to customer support in all numerous aspect. Google has designed and developed lots of amazing products, that widely used by billion of users to accomplish various tasks, either its business or professional needs. Google has launched many products, that billion of users using in today time, and do various tasks, be its business purpose or professional purpose. The company sustains to give innovate things, that people’s can use to perform the activities.

Google the vast service provider to the World!!

In addition, the Google Support is always there for users help & support if they come across the problem while using and understand the products. A team of highly experienced and skilled professionals can provide the comprehensive support. The experts can determine any kind of troublesome situations associated Google products.

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How to Use Google and It’s Products?

Google Translate:

When the users have seen any text on the internet which is not in their native language, so that time the users have chances to solve this issue only by the Google Translate. This is a great feature and built into Chrome, a web-based browser. This app allows the users to translate written text into their own language and even save translated sentences to their personal phrasebook.

Google Finance:

Google Finance is a pretty good option for users, through which users get information, on how a stock is doing for today. Through this product, the users can collect as much of the information that they need and how they make money.

Google Alerts:

Google Alerts is a long-time basic power tool, and user-friendly email alert service for users, which enables them to receive email updates when the time, something new happens to a specific search term on a daily basis. 

Google Maps:

Google Maps is the nice product, which contains all of the navigation, satellite imagery, street maps, Street View, real-time traffic conditions and route planning for traveling by foot, bicycle, car, or public transportation. It gives the correct Maps interface information, to users on every single minute.

Google News:

Google news is a truly excellent service which rankles such a large number of conventional media and was developed in 2002. This service is a computer-generated news, which contains a collection of the headlines from news sources, worldwide, groups similar stories together and sees as per each reader illustrate interests.


Gmail is the widely used and famous email service by people’s in all across the world. It provides the fastest send and receives services to users. This email service having a wide range of services like Storage space, Custom themes, IMAP and POP setting, and so on. The users can setup and use the Gmail on their system and mobile devices.

Some of the Other Google products Are:

Google News & Weather, Google Search, Google Android or iOS, Google Videos, Google Images, Google Books, Google Patents, Google Groups, Google Encrypted Search, Google Custom Search Engine, Google Shopping, Google Cardboard, Google Earth, Google Apps, Google Chat, YouTube, Google Page Creator, Google Photos, Google+, Google Store, Google Chrome, Google Blogger, Google Groups, Hangouts, Picasa, Google Calendar, Orkut, Google Reader, And many other Google Collaborative Tools.

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