Why is Google better than Bing and Yahoo ?

Google, Bing and Yahoo are all search engines however let’s see why one is better than the other.

Google better than Bing

  • Bing search engine cannot differ between whether the link is a real ne or not.

  • It gives to much preference to the page content.

  • Bing supports recent information or in other words recent links.

  • The sites which show on the top does not necessarily mean it will have the content which you are looking for.

Google better than Yahoo

  • Although Yahoo is better than Bing however not better than Google this is because it shows the result on these links on the top which necessarily do not have proper content to the information that you are looking for.

  • Yahoo shows on screen Pop –ups and at time because of which the user accidentally install the same.

Google is better of all!!!!

  • The information what the user is looking for is displayed in a simple way.

  • The result what you get is more relevant as they follow the proper algorithm ie the terms are used appropriately.

  • It also supports the old sites as it realizes how important they can be.

  • Through best information filters, the results which we get are most appropriate and avoid duplicity.

  • It provides speedy results.

Image result for compare google bing

Hence on the basis of the above information we can say the Google is one the best search engine and is most widely used as well, while using the same as well , if one comes across any concern and get immediate help from Google support number and there is nothing more one wants from the search engine.


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