How to use Google cloud storage for backup?

Cloud is an amazing application for sharing , saving and backing up the data. User can have an account with the cloud and then he can access the data remotely from his computer. Google cloud storage is also an application where user can store and share all kind of data.

Here it is shown, how user can use Google cloud storage to back up his data.

  • Login to your Google account.
  • Click on the link , Google apis.
  • A list of all the Google services will appeared.
  • Scroll down and search for Google Cloud Storage.
  • If the application is OFF then make it ON.
  • Check the price by click on the field, Pricing.
  • User can see various options with respect to how may TB of data user will be needed to back up.
  • Also, Google has provided a 30 day trial period to know the features and functions of Google Cloud Storage.
  • When user will make the cloud storage ON, the new page will open.
  • Click on the link, Google Cloud Storage Manager under the heading Browse Data. This is Google API’s Console page.
  • On the page appeared, user can see few names , called as Buckets. Buckets are similar to top level Folders.
  • User can create a new Bucket and name it anything. The Google will check the availability for that.
  • On clicking that, user will find an empty space. Here user can create another sub folders, can drag and drop files which he needs to back up and lot many other things.
  • When user see the file there, he can check different links and set the sharing policies according to his convenience.
  • Go back to the console page.
  • Scroll down in the left side to Inter operable Access and click on it.
  • User can set access keys here so that data remain more safe and secure. This key is used to send authentication to Google before requesting for cloud storage.

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This way, user can get all his files and folders backed up at Google. User can ask for any kind of technical help at Google support as it is 24/7 available to the user. You will find some interesting facts about Googe from this blog, stay in touch and keep reading the articles!


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