How to Use Google Slides ?

Google Slides is a great tool for the individuals who need to create dynamic slide presentations. Google Slides is a cloud-based online presentation tool with hundreds of attractive options that include narration, videos, animation, images, and much more. Individuals are always encouraged to take help of Google support to know how to use Google Slides.

Creating a presentation

For creating a new presentation, the user needs to open the home screen: Link. Here he could find “Start a new presentation” option to open a new file and start working. In this interface, one could see a complete toolbar and the main view of the presentation. From here, the user can create, or edit a presentation file. He can also choose a theme, and share the presentation with anyone. Google Slides is the most flexible presentation tool for all types of presentation.

Editing and formatting a presentation

From the file option, the user needs to open the file which he or she wants to edit or format. After uploading the presentation file, the user will be able to add animation to any slide, delete or organize the slides, insert texts, insert new lines or shapes. There are many other features available for editing and formatting a file.

Choosing a theme

The theme is an important part of any presentation. The user will find scores of themes in Google Slides. Just when a user will create a new presentation, Google Slides will automatically prompt to add a theme from the list of themes available on the right side of the window.

Playing a presentation

A separate presentation button is present on Google Slides. When a presentation is complete and saved, the user can run the entire presentation with the help of this option.

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