Why Google home stops playing music ?

Do You Know! Why google home stops playing music?

Having an issue with your Google Play Music premium account? Or you are experiencing issues with your audio apps and services on your Google Home device. Then don’t worry about it, there may be various reasons for this problem, like 4G or Wi-Fi network, devices problem, google play music updated the app, Spotify and so on. Often this problem occurs when you turned shuffle off and played all tracks.

To resolve this problem, try the following steps or procedure:

  • Try to reset home on the device, rebooting your router, modem and then moving the home closer to the router. 
  • Try to check your firmware, maybe you need to update the firmware version on your Home.  
  • Try to rebooted google home through the Android Home app.
  • Try to uninstalling and reinstalling, the google app.

Image result for google music store

Still, if you have any kind of doubt to follow the above steps or this problem is persisting, so you should take Google Support by the highly qualified and experienced technical support experts. The experts are always ready to give the best quality answers and assistance. The experts will give you comprehensive support to fox your Google associated problems. Hence, connect with techies now, as they are available 24×7 days for your help.



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