How to search in Google?

For the first time user in Google, who want to know how to search for any particular keyword or thing on any browser, here we are talking about Google.
We can divide this thing in two category like:

For the first option:

  • Open the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE or any browser and type
  • Now type the keyword that you want to search.
  • Now press enter
  • And search for the best option by browsing your options on Next list, if you didn’t found any familiar or good result.
  • Click on an option that you think is relevant to your searches or result.
  • If you didn’t find something related to your searches then again search for typing some other keyword for the same, then follow the same procedure.
  • Keep searching like this and your will find your desirable result for your searches.

For the second option:

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to the advanced search page in Google or click on the  Link
  • Find the pages with words you want.
  • Specify the language.
  • Fill up the required data.
  • Now browser will provide you the narrow results (specifically the mentioned keywrds only).
  • Now click on “Advanced Search”, and seach for the same in specific manner or revelant result.

Image result for how to search on google

Now you can easily search for your result, if you find something that stops you to searching something or due to some internet issues then contact to Google support & service team or your internet servie provider for respective concern.

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