How to set Google Maps as default map application in iOS 9?

Google has always been the big platform that could be used for the different purpose.Some people are using it’s mail application while other are using chrome as the search engine.Google+ is also one of the service where the individuals may share their view regarding different things.But as there are lots of service,there may be certain technical issues that comes through the user’s way while using the different services provided through it.That is why the support team has been appointed through Google that provides instant solution for the bugs.

What are the different sets of bugs for which the users may expect the instant solution through the Google tech support team?

  • Why Flash player is not working over all the websites?
  • Print command has not been accepted through the chrome
  • Why the Gmail application has not been supported through Google chrome?
  • How may I apply change in the settings for the Gmail application?
  • Is it possible to remove the cache and cookies efficiently?
  • Want to install the updated version for the Google chrome
  • How to enable Javascript?
  • Why the extension are not working?

What is the process to setup the Google Map as an default map application in ios 9?

  • First of all users are required to introduce the stock maps app in ios 9
  • From there users need to tap over any address in Apple Maps in the normal manner such as:


One infinite loop

Cupertino,CA 95014

  • For starting the routing process,users are required to tap over the  car icon
  • When the Tap Apps would be under the root selection menu,users would see the three tabs over their screen in which one would be the “App”
  • Users are required to tap over it
  • Individuals are required to tap”Route” next to whatever installed navigation application which users want to use
  • Through the list of apps,users need to select the “Maps” application that they want to access instead of “Apple Maps”
  • From there users are just required to tap the Route button next to it
  • Over the screen,users would also get the list of the related apps that would be available in the App Store.

Image result for google map in apple store images

For the further issues when the users wouldn’t be able to get the clear understanding of the above given issue and also wants solution with others,they should do the instant connection through the customer care team that is always ready to assist the users with best solutions.It would be always good if the users would dial the Google support help number for getting the solution.While taking the support through the live technician,users would be charged through certain amount of money that would be quite easy to pay through everyone.


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