Google & Its Products

Google which provide so many services, products, tools, online services & internet related services are mentioned below.

Web based products

Search Tools
:Google Search
:Google Alerts
: Google Finance
:Google Books
:Google Shopping
:Google Image Search
:Google News
:Google Video
Advertising Services
:Google Adsense
:Google Adwords
Communication & Publishing Tools
:Google Art Project
:Google Calender
:Google Docs
:Google Drive
:Google Bookmarks
:Google Voice
:Google Ventures

Development Tools

:Google Swiffy
:Google PageSpeed Tools
:Google App Engine
:Google Developers
Security Tools
Map Related Products
:Google Maps
:Google Sky
:Google Mars
:Google Trsnsit
:Google Moon
:Google Map Maker
Statistical Tools
:Google Analytics
:Google Trends
:Google Correlate
:Google Consumer Surveys
:Google Ngram Viewer
:Google Public Data Explorer
:Google Activity Report & many more.

Operating System

:Google Fuchsia
:Chrome OS
:Android Wear
:Android TV & many more.

Desktop Applications

:Adword Editor
:Google Chrome
:Google Pinyin
:Google Toolbar
:Google Drive
:Google Web Designer
:Google Earth
:Android Studio & many more.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Web Applications
:Google Calender
:Blogger Mobile
:Google News
:Google Photos
:Google Offers
:Google Currents & many more.
Mobile Standlone Applications
:Google Authenticator
:Google Goggles
:Google Play Music
:Google Talk
:YouTube & many more.


:Google Driverless Car
:Nexus One
:Nexus S
:Nexus Q
:Nexus 7
:Nexus 6P
:Nexus 5
:Nexus 4
:Nexus 10
:Nexus Player & many more.


:Google Cloud Platform
:Google FIber
:Google Ideas
:Google Cast
:Google Firebase & many more.

Discontinued Products & Services

Those applications which have been retired by Google are:

Discontinued in 2006
:Google Answers

Discontinued in 2007
:Google Click to call
:Google VIdeo Marketplace

Discontinued in 2008
:Google Browser Sync(Firefox)
:Google Lively
:SearchMash & others

Discontinued in 2009
:Google Ride Finder
:Google Page Creator

Discontinued in 2010
:Marratech e-meeting

Discontinued in 2011
:Google Labs
:Google Buzz
:Google PowerMeter
:Google Pack & others

Discontinued in 2012
:Google Notebok
:Google Heath
:Google Mini
:Google Website Optimizer & others

Discontinued in 2013
:Google Cloud Connect
:Google Building Maker
:Google Talk
:Google Latitude
:Google Checkout & others

Discontinued in 2014
:Google Schemer
:QuickOffice & others
Discontinued in 2015
:Google Helpouts
:Google Moderator
:BebaPay & others

Discontinued in 2016
:Google Code
:Google Base
:Project Ara

Scheduled to be discontinued

Applications that are not in development, soon will be discontinued in future.
:Google Map Maker
:Google Search Appliance
Having this big list many of others services even not mentioned here, but there is a very big list of products & services of Google, some of in deveopment phase, some of the products are in testing phase these are fall in many category.
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